Awards and Certifications

Hey Little Talkers,

Who Wanna Talk Here and do you know what? I have the pleasure to introduce you the different awards and certifications that your favorite brand has won across the time. Googims is really famous in asia and i can bet that they will conquer our little international’s hearts!


gOOGIMS aWARDS AND CERTIFICATIONSMore than being a trendy brand with innovative designs and a stock full of imagination, GOOGIMS is also a trustful and well-known brand in the Fashion industry. The numerous awards and nominations that they got are proving that their work, more than being remarkable and well studied, is also high qualitative and trustful. No more later than last year, in 2014, the brand was selected by the Seoul Metropolitan City for the High Seoul Brand and for the 6th consecutive year (which is something amazing for a small brand)! Before that, in 2008, the brand was getting an award by M.T.I.E or in 2007, for the 3rd consecutive year, they got the award for the Korea Venture Design by the Seoul Sourcing Fair. Besides getting award for their designs and quality, they also won an award which assures their qualitative services with the The  Excellent Award in the field of Web In an other part, they got several certification such as the S.M.B.A Venture in 2010 or the Japan, China and EU International Brand Mark Right  in 2009.

In another part, their participation in various shows to enter the international market shows us that the brand is putting a lot of efforts to export the brand outside of South Korea, such as their participation in Magic Show at LV in the USA or their entry in 2007, in the Hong Kong Fashion Week, which was a big step ahead!

In the next years, we should definitely expect the brand to be in big events around the world!







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