GOOGIMS – Fly Series

Hey Little Talkers,

Who Wanna Talker Here and now that we begin in the GOOGIMS’ series, let’s keep the movement with the second series which was created by the brand.

googims fly

While the Original Series is a basic of the brand, the Fly Series launched in 2004 is consisting in deeper and more original designs. As to remind us the name of the collection, the logo represents a big wing to convey the idea of hope, challenge and freedom. This range of product rapidly became the lead products, mostly thanks to its sporty feeling. The real advantage of these products is that anyone can easily imagine himself wearing it. Moreover, you could see, by checking the brand’s website (, that the collection was declined in various accessories such as caps, bags and so on. Some of the released items of this series represent a crocodile that Felix KIM likes calling Thor Maximus, which open its mouth sticking its head out of the water, as you can see in the pictures below.


googims-jay park flygoogims- jay park fly

googims-fly2 googimsfly2


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