GOOGIMS – Teleporth Series

Hey Little Talkers,

I hope that you are ready because now, we will talk about my favorite series and I am sure that you will love it too!

The last series created and released in 2004 by the brand is the Teleporth Series. I already hear you saying « Teleporth? But what does it mean? » so, let’s me explain! The name is a mix of two different words: the instant transport and cloth. The signification given to the title is that by wearing one of the series’ cloth, you will be instantly transported in a happier and funnier world: YOUR world, the one you are trying to build to feel more comfortable in your life and escape from your daily problems.

More than having a concept, the series also has a new mind. A more street-style mood which is inspired by street-game such as skateboarding, Hip-hop and so on. The designs contain more graphics and sporty details which were declined in numerous products such as clothes, hats, bags and shoes and the logo wants to remind us the feeling of lightness and freedom tat is coming with the instant movement.


Ailee X Googims Ailee X Googims Ailee X GoogimsAilee X Googims


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