Kehmi Swimming Trunk

Hey Little Talkers,

No jealousy with GOOGIMS! The brand create products for boys and girls as well! So, as we just spoke about the Kehmi line of shorts for girls, you definitely have to speak about the shorts for men! Yes dear, I did not forget you!

As the weather gives me want to go to the beach and surf (even if I don’t know how to surf yet, I am sure anybody can learn… just need a good and young professor), I thought about introducing you the Half Men Swimming Trunk, which is developed in different colors and cut. Googims- Kehmi men

As you can see on the following pictures, the short is tightly held with 4 straps which are hidden for a nicer design. Moreover, the length is not too long to feel uncomfortable when you are wet and not too short to be uncomfortable only by wearing it (if you understand what I mean). The real advantage is that there is one pocket in the back with a strap, in order to keep your personal belongings. So, now no excuses to bring your wallet and buy an ice-cream to your girlfriend boy!

The most in the design, is that he logo is really discrete so, the design is not ruined by a big thing in the middle of the buttocks.  And as their entire Kehmi collection, the material is special and protects the skin from 99% of the UV, as well as the cold or the environmental threats when you are exercising. So, once again, you can use this short as swimming suit, as well as for outdoor activities, which is really functional! I would say that the designer is a genius as he thought of the practicality for us but I am sure he already knows that! The mesh allows the short to handle air, water and sportive activities as well.

Anyway, I hope that boys, now you are satisfied and same as girls, if you want to see more colors or designs, you better have to click just here !


Googims- Kehmi men Googims- Kehmi men Googims- Kehmi men


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