Thor Maximus

Hey Little Talkers,

I TOLD you about the Teleporth Series of Googims and especially about Thor Maximus, the crocodile. I am pretty sure that you all wonder who he is so, I will introduce you to him now !

As I said last time, the series represents a printed crocodile with an open mouth, as we can see in the tee-shirt and sticking his head out of the water. Personally, I really love this cute character (!) don’t you? When I look at his face, he reminds me Tick-Tock the Crocodile. 

GOOGIMS TELEPORTHIf you also want to wear the tee-shirt as the model, in a loose-fit way, you better have to order the free size. However, the size M, L and XL are also available (but fitted according to men sizes) and, 3 different colors are also available. So, be careful when you order because it is a unisex design.

GOOGIMS TELEPORTHThis tee-shirt, is exactly representing the Teleporth series don’t you think? We can feel the style of the collection: street-style, freedom and trendy. The logo is embroidered into the sleeve to stay discrete. Moreover, some rainbow letters are present into the front of the Tee-shirt to complete the design. The tee-shirt is made of cotton which is perfect during the warmest days of summer as it let your skin breath.

So, if you want to shop our friend Thor Maximus ! And, do you know who else love Thor Maximus the crocodile ? Don’t hesitate to tell me which Kpop star wore it and if you don’t know, I will make an article soon !




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