Summer Beach shorts by GOOGIMS

Hey Little Talkers,

GOOGIMS wants to follow your sunny holiday and, for that, they released a full summer beach collection for you under the label of the Fly series.

Summer Beach shorts by GOOGIMS

Comfortable in the water as well as out of the beach, they made with a mesh lining inside.

Summer Beach shorts by GOOGIMSThe microfiber label inside prove the authenticity of the brand’s short.The design is thought inside and outside, that was some details are really specific such like the color rubber band inside. Also, a double string waist is present to insure the swimming pant to not move while you are moving in the water and it allows you, as well, to adjust the size really easily.
The wing logo is discretely embroidered in the front of the short to remind us the feeling of freedom a the fact that the material will follow all your movements.

The most surprising thing and most useful too is that the short can bend into a pocket, like that you could transport it anywhere with you and nothing will kept you from jumping into the river when your friends did not think of bringing their swimming suit!Summer Beach shorts by GOOGIMSMoreover, the simple back pocket is really convenient for safely store your belongings inside with the double-sided zipper. Summer Beach shorts by GOOGIMS
The details were made to give a sporty look to the short thanks to the band on the legs seams. So, a real comfortable and useful product that everyone must have, available in 7 colors.

Summer Beach shorts by GOOGIMS

The man model is wearing a L size and the woman model is wearing a S size.

Summer Beach shorts by GOOGIMS



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