Jay Park for GOOGIMS’ fan meeting

Hey Little Talkers,

Even if the brand just got a new model (Hoe Kyung-hwan) for its new collection, nobody is forgetting the handsome Jay Park. And because you are probably missing him, here some pictures of its outfit for the fan meeting GOOGIMS’ organized. Jay Park for GOOGIMS' fanmeeting

What do you think of its clothes’ choice? He is wearing a grey character sweatshirt from the Original Series with a simple and elegant black coat from the Fly Series.Jay Park for GOOGIMS' fanmeeting

The coat is also available in 5 other colors such as shown in the following image.

Jay par for googims' fanmeeting

The design is classical but a lot of details were added to give this funny spirit that we know well from the brand. The Fly logo was embroidered on the pocket in left top of the product and in the top of the sleeve too (with the name of the brand).

Jay par for googims' fanmeeting2Jay par for googims' fanmeeting3

The material was chosen to keep the body warmed even in the coldest weather and truthfully, South Korea know well what is a frozen winter!Felix Kim added this funny touch, embroidered (in a blue background maybe to remind the color of the ice) inside the coat to remind us that even if you are frozen in your country, Seoul shares out your feeling and is frozen too!

Jay par for googims' fanmeeting5 Inside the coat, as well, the label was embroidered, sign of the authenticity of the product. Jay par for googims' fanmeeting4

The coat has a double layer to improve the retention of heat.

Jay par for googims' fanmeeting9

Moreover, as you can see in the pictures and below, the coat is quite long to keep you warm, however, a zipper was added to allow to open the both sides of the bottom in case of you need to make deeper moves or that you need fresh air. Jay par for googims' fanmeeting6

The label of GOOGIMS Company was also embroidered at the bottom of the back. Jay par for googims' fanmeeting7 Speaking about the back of the product, this one is really simple with a fake of fabrics superposition through a cut, to give him more originality. The hoodie can be closed with 2 Velcro bands. And the wing was added to the top of the hood to give you a feeling of freedom and to remind the values of the brand. Moreover, the sleeves shelter your wrists through the addition of fabric until the middle of the hand, with a space to let the thumb moves.

Jay par for googims' fanmeeting8Jay par for googims' fanmeeting 11Jay par for googims' fanmeeting 10



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