Ji Chang-wook and his GOOGIMS’ reversible down jacket

Hey Little Talkers,

When days begin to be shorter and cold is driving your days, there is a point where you don’t know what to wear. A coat is too warm when a light jacket is not enough. The solution which comes in mind is the down jacket with short sleeves.

down jacket googimsHowever, sometimes, budget are low and you have to chose between 2 products. GOOGIMS thought that choosing is not that fun so, to give you more happiness they decided to design a reversible down jacket with short sleeves, which will allow you to get different looks with a single product. Great isn’t it?down jacket googims

Designs were thoroughly thought to give you 2 different styles. In fact, as you can see in the pictures, more than being 2 different colors, the design is totally different.

down jacket googims

Inside, the color is lighter than outside and, the fabric is smooth. A white wing is embroidered in the top of the item, to give you the feeling of having wings maybe.

down jacket googimsdown jacket googims

The wing logo, sign of the Fly collection is embroidered on both left top of the down jacket (inside and outside, as shown in the pictures). Moreover, inside 2 open pockets surrounded by black rubber will allow you to store your personal belongings. It is really practical in case of rain, when you want to put your phone somewhere safe while still being able to listen the music.

down jacket googims

Outside, everything was redesigned. The color is more flashy and to not do too much, the wing is not embroidered. Instead, on the hood, the black label of the company proves the authenticity of the item. down jacket googimsMoreover, the appearance of the fabric is divided into different lines to give more volume and a more sporty spirit.down jacket googims The down jacket is available here in 4 different colors.



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