Crocodile Backpack by GOOGIMS

Hey Little Talkers,

When we love Fashion, we are dreaming to buy one bag and one pair of shoes for each day of the year. However, finding the perfect accessories which will add the finale touch of our daily look is a crucial step. the latest collection of bags of googims will become your must to have and not only because of the design but because of the PRACTICALITY as well. THEIR BAGS ARE TOTALLY THOUGHT TO SAVE YOUR LIFE and organize your day. GOOGIMS' new bags collection

This simple and ergonomic bag will brighten every outfits while being so useful in your life. With the crocodile Thor Maximus, emblem of the Telepoth series, embroidered in the front, its design is well thinking. Crocodile Backpack by GOOGIMS

On the left side, an open pocket to put your belongings within easy reach. And on the pocket, a red label of the company is sewed to prove its authenticity.

Crocodile Backpack by GOOGIMS

On the back, cushions were added to wear it comfortably. Crocodile Backpack by GOOGIMS Shoulder straps were also added to the initial design. And, on the right side, a second open pocket with the logo of the Telepoth series for a color touch. Crocodile Backpack by GOOGIMS On the front a zipped pocket will allow you to store your belongings. Crocodile Backpack by GOOGIMSZippers and straps were customized with the Fly logo for giving more authenticity to the product. Crocodile Backpack by GOOGIMS

Below, a double layer to protect the bag and make it more resistant to the weight and time. Crocodile Backpack by GOOGIMS

Inside, a compartment was added for more organization.  Crocodile Backpack by GOOGIMSMoreover, a funny utilization label was sewing inside the bag. Crocodile Backpack by GOOGIMSFor more fun, the bag is available in black an khaki so make your choice and check more models hereCrocodile Backpack by GOOGIMSWWT


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