Super Fly Teddy by GOOGIMS

Hey Little Talkers,

We definitely love the American style, it is well known. Everybody (and I am sure that American people will agree with me) want to leave the American youth at least one year with the Football team, cheerleaders and proms! But anyway, we don’t all have the chance to live such experience so let’s be happy to, at least, be able to get the college look!

The Super Fly Teddy created by the Korean brand GOOGIMS is perfect for warming you during the first days of winter.

Super Fly Teddy by GOOGIMSWith long color contrasted sleeves and numerous details, this Teddy is a must to have in your closet. On the front, 2 big letters were sewed in white color to contrast with the sleeves and rest of the design. Who want to be part of the San Francisco’s team (or the Super Fly)? Super Fly Teddy by GOOGIMS

To complete the design, the zipper was customized with the wing’s logo.  Super Fly Teddy by GOOGIMS Super Fly Teddy by GOOGIMS This item was released in the Fly series as the logo of the red and yellow wing embroidered on the left sleeves is proving. The bottom and the sleeves are made tightened and designed with 2 big white stripes. Moreover, inside of the Teddy you will find the label of the brand of course but this time inspired from the label of the biggest baseball team. Then, you will also find the warning label which explains how to wash you Teddy. This label is really funny as it was realized as a comic with the characters of the brand. Super Fly Teddy by GOOGIMS The back design was also imagined with the white wing embroidered to give you the feeling of freedom. And perfect, the product was also created in dark blue for those who prefer more classical style. Super Fly Teddy by GOOGIMSWWT


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