Back to school.. with GOOGIMS

Hey Little Talkers,

I am pretty sure that as a real Fashionista, you are all ready for going back to school right? well, some use to be late because they obviously don’t want to go back there at all…


Well, no worries! I know that choosing your bag is always the hardest thing and that your mother is pressuring you like: ‘Chose fast, so many people today in the sop and the queue is so long’ or the unforgettable ‘ we will not spend the day’ but at this time, the only thing you want to say is: ‘this is the bag that I will carry on EVERY DAY in this awful prison that we call school! Plus I don’t know which bag chose Annah and there are 2 awful possibilities: one is that I pick the same as her and second is that I picked the one which will not be trendy at all so, be quiet, let me think and chose with all the time I need’

Okay, let’s avoid this by picking your bag on the Internet, I think you will have all the time to pick the best one and nobody will pressure you (or just less than in a crowded place). And the best is when the online shop has all the items you need for school such as clothes, backpacks or sport’s outfits! The Korean brand GOOGIMS is one of them, and there are so many!


Back to school.. with GOOGIMS

Back to school.. with GOOGIMS


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