This is a photo shoot!

Hey Little Talkers,

We are used to see the final pictures of the photo shoot. We are happy to see our favorite stars and we, most of the time, think that taking pictures it is only about dressing up with some clothes, making up a little (or a lot) and smiling. But taking pictures is much more complicated and long than only that.


And for that, the Korean Fashion brand GOOGIMS released some backstage pictures which show you the complexity than just smiling in front of the camera. In fact, at the end, it’s all about the staff. They choose the stars, the clothes, the make up, the mood, the poses… they are managing everything from the beginning until the time you can finally discover the different pictures of your favorite stars. So, congratulations to them, for their job of course and for their energy!


25 It is a photo shoot! 21



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