Crocodile Cropped Sleeve Shirt

Hey Little Talkers,

I write about the new products released by the Korean fashion brand GOOGIMS, do you remember? So, I couldn’t resist and I made my order this week end!! Yes, I know, maybe i didn’t have enough motivation!

I ordered few products from the brand. So, let me introduce the first one, waiting for the reception! I bought the brown cropped sleeve shirt. Why? Because even if it’s a cropped top, there is the main advantage that it is a long cropped top and, I hate showing my stomach!! So, now let’s see a brief description of this tee-shirt!

Telepoth in the 80's

So, here is the product. This time wore by their man model so, the item is available for boys and girls. And, I put this picture because it is the look of the man which made me buy it!

Crocodile Cropped Sleeve Shirt

The item is also available in ivory and grey. I personally chose the brown one because it’s been a while since I din’t wear this color and I thought that this design could help me to wear it again!

Crocodile Cropped Sleeve Shirt                       Crocodile Cropped Sleeve Shirt

This it the front of the tee-shirt.  Simple with the name of the series (my favorite one) printed in the front as well as the head of Thor Maximus, he is so cute don’t you think? I like him because he reminds me the one in Peter Pan and, definitely, Peter Pan is the favorite animation movie of my sister! And, the other positive point, is the sleeves. I like the length of those sleeves so, I hope that when I will receive it, it will be good on me!


And to finish, the back of the tee-shirt is really simple and that’s what I really liked. First because the front is already well designed so, I don’t want to look like a clown, definitely. And because it makes the tee-shirt more simple and chic, which allows me to wear it with classical pants to make a touch of color in my look!




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