Jung Il-woo vs Heo Kyung-hwan for GOOGIMS

Hey Little Talkers,

So, let’s make a fight between two amazing korean comedians who wore the clothes of the fashion brand GOOGIMS! I call JUNG IL-WOO AND HEO KYUNG-HWAN! I am really curious to know which star is your favorite!


So, in one side, we have Jung Il-woo, the amazing actor who was the main role of so many dramas and begin to appear in different movies as well. And, in an other side, we have the comedian Heo Kyung-hwan, who is present in different TV reality show. So, which one is your favorite in GOOGIMS clothes?


Jung Il-woo for a winter with GOOGIMS part 1 Colorful Jung Il-woo for GOOGIMS Heo Kyung-hwan for GOOGIMS Heo Kyung-hwan loves the pineapples of GOOGIMS


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